Aromatherapy Candles

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Our candles are all handmade for us by a fantastic candle-maker in West Yorkshire with 100% natural ingredients, all personally sourced and tested.

Each candle is composed of only the finest natural waxes and is infused with the highest amount of essential oils the wax can take to deliver the best possible therapeutic benefits and scent.

The Balance candle contains Pure Lavender and Geranium with excellent balancing, and healing properties to help you harmonise your mind and body, with refreshing citrus notes to help boost your mood.

The Dream candle has a beautiful sweet floral blend with Roman Chamomile and Lavender to help induce a peaceful night's sleep, cedar wood which aids the release of serotonin and lemon to clear mental fatigue. 

It is our hope that when you let your candle glow you will take a moment to relax and breathe and let your own light shine bright. 

Life Span: 50 Hours
Size: 30cl